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Outdoor Attractions

Norfolk has a botanical garden, the Norfolk Botanical Garden, and a zoo, the Virginia Zoological Park; both feature kids' programming, classes and camps.

Mt Trashmore Park is home of a skate park, large playground, trail, sports facilities, and general open spaces. This is one of the larger, better equipped parks in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Beach is a very long, resort quality sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean, with surfing and other kinds of water fun.

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, in Virginia Beach, includes marine life (rays, otters, sharks, turtles, and seals), and an aviary (including owls, herons, pelicans, and ducks), and a submarine ship exhibit, among other features, and a variety of education programs.

The Chesapeake Planetarium, in Chesapeake, is a small, well regarded planetarium created for school age education and today available to the general public. Reservations are suggested due to limited seating.

Virginia Lighthouses: Virginia has many miles of coast, with lots of navigational hazards, and historically has had a large number of lighthouses. Someone looking for a road trip or photographing project should be able to find plenty of lighthouses on wind-swept coast with a little web research. The Cape Henry Lights, in Virginia Beach, are particularly well known.

Virginia Beach is a very large city in size, and has its own backyard wilderness, the Back Bay National Wildlife Reserve. This reserve is moderately difficult to access, but does allow some camping, and is a great place to escape to see some wildlife.

The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Reserve protects what remains of the Great Dismal Swamp, now a fairly small wetland area on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. The reserve parkland is available during daylight for bird watching, boating in Lake Drummond, canoeing, fishing and limited hunting.

Newport News Park is a large city park next to Fort Eustis and next to parts of Colonial National Historic Park, the site of much of the both of the Battles of Yorktown. Visitors to Newport News park can use the playgrounds, play disc golf, or use the archery range. Colonial Park visitors can see the location of General Washington's camp, and the site of the original Jamestown.

Colonial National Historic Park is in several parts in the area, connecting the three major historic sites of the area, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, by the Colonial Parkway.

The area around the Virginia Peninsula has a few commercial amusement parks, for a fun day trip.

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